SEPT. 10th Ant Girl Vivien Russe at BUG-MAINE-ia + Maine State Museum 9am -3pm

SEPT. 10th  9am -3pm

 Don't miss out on Vivien Russe's workshop on leaf cutter ants.
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The leaf cutter ants and humans are two species that are farmers. The leaf cutter ants cut leaves and carry them back to the colony to be used as a substrate to grow a fungus that is the food source for the colony.

At Bug-Maine-ia, kids can participate in making an ant scroll to capture this activity. Using soft block images of ants, they will print a column of ants on a long roll of paper and will then attach the leaf fragments to each ant. At the end of the day, the scroll will show just how busy these ants and these kids can be.

A similar activity was done by Ant Girls of Maine, as part of Ant Farm; at the nexus of Art and Science, a multimedia installation supported by the Maine Arts Commission.