April 2014 Ant Girls Exhibition "Ant Farm" @ USM Lewiston-Auburn College Atrium Art Gallery hosted by Robyn Holman

Sketch of installation possibilities... C. Kinsella

 Diagram of Atrium Gallery space, R. Goodale       Ant Glasses modeled by me, C. Kinsella       

Ant Girls visit USM Lewiston-Auburn Campus Gallery & meet with Robyn Holman.

Robyn Holman-in the blue, is an honorary Ant Girl! 
Thank you for supporting our idea!

Dorothy Shwartz's Ant with Chine Colle


Collages from Work Session 3 - March/April 2013

Chop Mark of ANT GIRLS INC. incorporating all of our intials,
Vivien Russe/Dorothy Shwartz/Rebecca Goodale/Colleen Kinsella

Did you know that ants can predict EARTHQUAKES?http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/articles/456762/20130413/ants-detect-earthquakes-radiation-animal-predictions-disasters.htm

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  1. "Meeting scheduled April 25th with Master Gardener Volunteers in Lisbon Falls. Robyn and Vivien attending. Considering the role of ants in Maine gardens, did you know that earthworms are not indigenous to Maine and before their arrival, it was our ants who were most responsible for creating our top soil?? Thank you Ants! VR"