SLIDE SHOW Ant Girls 2014!

Fungus Farm   

Viv's gorgeously painted and printed paper with one of her ant drawings screen printed and attached to pop out.


This is a detail of a tunnel book by Rebecca G.
She put together the top three books using Ant Girls printed matter.

Brown Books made by Viv, then given the Ant Girls treatment.

We will have over 30 artists books in the exhibition.


ViV and Dee Dee at work.


Leafcutter ants entering the anthill.


 Over 40 collages were made by the Ant Girls.
They are culled from 2 years of meeting, talking, printing, researching, cutting and pasting.

Ant-omical Cyanotype Quilts

These were drawn Exquisite corpse-style then exposed to cyanotype fabric.
Beautifully sewn by Ant Girl Vivian Russe.

We're flying now... the Ant Girls ANT FARM exhibition opens  on April 11.


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  2. Your blog is so full of colours ! It looks wonderful, good job with all the paintings , looks like you have put a lot of effort in making them .